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Wash Those Brushes

So, the answer that, I'm assuming, every makeup artist answers at least once every few weeks to a private client is - "YES! YOU DO HAVE TO WASH YOUR MAKE UP BRUSHES even though you're the only one using them".

Of course, it makes sense that we as makeup artists wash our brushes, but ladies - and select gents that I heart - your brushes need a good washing too.  Certainly not as often as a professional, but every 2-4 weeks would be a good start. 

You see, when you're using your brushes you, of course, are applying your makeup.  But, you are also having dirt, bacteria and dead skin being transfered to your brush from your skin.  ICK!  No fun. So, it is imperitive to give those beauitful brushes a good cleaning.

So, next question, what's the best way to wash your brushes?

It is quite easy but, oh no (!!!), it may take a few moments of your day.  Listen, it is way better than having your face break out because of bacteria in your brushes. #EGADS (remember in Betty & Veronica, Veronica's father always used to say "EGADS"!).


What you need:

- Baby shampoo -  I use Johnson & Johnson's but I am sure any will do.  Baby shampoo is gentle and really leaves brushes soft (make sure to check what material your brushes are made of and to be sure baby shampoo is OK for those brushes).

- A small bowl or cup to pour shampoo in

- Sink with warm water

- Towel to place brushes on when they are done being washed

Easy, right?


1) Dip your brush gently into the shampoo.  You really only need a little bit of soap on the brush.

2) Making sure you're holding your brush with the 'bristles' down. Wet the brush gently in the warm water.

*It is important that you do not get water into the ferrule of the brush (that is the metal piece that connects the brush handle to the bristles); if so, water can loosen that area and fall apart over time

3) Swirl the brush gently in your palm, working the soap through the brush. You will most likely see the makeup coming off on your hand.

4) Rinse the brush - again, bristles down - but make sure to only rinse the bristles and not the handle or ferrule of the brush. You can squuze the brush lightly to make sure that all of the product is out of the brush.

5) Squeeze any excess water from the brush

6) Reshape your brush

7) Lay them down on the towel and let them air dry

You do not want the brushes to dry upright, this will have water leaking into the brush which will weaken it.

Don't wash your brushes right before you need to use them.  They take time to dry.  Generally, I do it at night and let them dry till morning.


Happy washing



Julia Dalton-Brush


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