Broken Makeup? Fix It Quick!
Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 06:41PM
Julia Dalton-Brush in Beauty


How many times have we heard that scream from ourself, our best girlfriend, our favorite drag queen or ANY makeup artist you may know? That is the dreadful sound of our eye shadow, powder blush or any other powder compact hitting the floor and shattering into a million pieces. Do you throw it out? Do you try and pick up all the little pieces and pray for another few uses? No! You read below and learn how to easily put it back together and use it like nothing ever happened.

So what do you need?

  1. Alcohol 70% or higher (I happen to have 99% bc it is what I use to sanitize my kit)
  2. The little pieces of your shattered heart- AKA your powder and the container it came in
  3. A small spoon or spatula
  4. Paper towel



What to do:

  1. Make the entire compact into a loose powder by smashing up the existing pieces- along with the already broken pieces- into a loose powder consistency
  2. Take a small amount of the alcohol (you can use a dropper or the cap, but put in bit by bit) and slowly add it to your loose powder
  3. Mix the two together until it is a thick paste-like consistency
  4. Smooth the paste in the container- smooth the top like it was when you had it pre-drop
  5. Pat it with a paper towel
  6. Leave it for 24-48 hours untouched
  7. You looking sexy as hell as you apply your once crushed product now in perfect form!

You're welcome!


Julia Dalton-Brush

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