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Brush Beauty Love is an extension of myself,  Julia Dalton-Brush and my business Brush Beauty, Inc

I'm a NYC bbased makeup artist, freelance writer and, fitness lover, who- when I become obsessed with a product, workout or... anything- you will know about it because I will make sure I find a way to tell you. 

There is nothing I like more than seeing my friends, fans and colleagues in love with a product or workout that I turned them on to.  The reason I love it? Because it makes them feel great and when you feel great you do great things.

So, please stay tuned for amazing and fun tips, how to's, interviews, new and classic product reviews, top workouts & apparel and just plain great things that make you feel amazing!  I'll even get some of my awesome friends and colleagues to partake in writing.

Thank you for passing by, checking out Brush Beauty Love and enjoying yourself.  Make sure to leave comments, subscribe/follow/like us and we'll reciprocate the love.  Also, be sure to like us on Instagram and follow us on Facebook & Twitter

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