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The Makeup Show is TEN!

The Makeup Show has always been a highlight in the makeup community for me.  It is a time that artists come from all over the US (even world) and come together to celebrate their craft and their love for makeup.  The Makeup Show is the only pro-only makeup trade show and you can see just by the presenters that people take this event very seriously.  Held in numerous places around the US (NYC, Dallas, Chicago, Orlando, LA and they are debuting a pop up shop this year in San Francisco) this epic event 


Spring Time Nails, Finally!


AHH! It’s that time of year again, I don’t care if it feels like December, my calendar says April and dammit I want my Spring colors.

As many of you know I have spent many years writing about beauty.  Beside having my own site and being a makeup artist,  I was the beauty editor for online fashion magazine Bloginity, I wrote for numerous other sites and had my own beauty blog as well.  Well, it is time to bring that bad boy beauty blog back! And, since I do love some beautiful nails, let's see what this season has to offer...

Here are my top choices for your spring time nails:



Essie; Cocktails & Coconuts.

If you want to keep it classic, classy but add a little Pizzaz, this is the color for you.  A stunning sandy nude with a little shimmer is the perfect way to add a little style to any Spring day.

Price: $8.50 Click Here to purchase





Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC); Pansy

OCC consistently rocks my world, whether it is their lip tars, airbrush foundations or the fact that they are a Vegan brand, they can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes.  This nail color is no exception.  The incredible violet hued color will stand out, but not be too intense.  It is truly a perfect Spring color for both your professional life, as well as your personal

Price $10 Click Here to purchase




Essie; Truth of Flair

Essie strikes again with this stunning Spring time blue.  Blues do something exciting to my soul and this color makes me want to run through the fields with the sun beating down on me ,the wind bustling through my hair… or just have a really great bottomless brunch with my friends and have them tell me how much they love it.  Either will do.

Price: $8.50 Click Here to purchase





Dolce & Gabbana; Lover

Let’s be honest, a good red is ALWAYS acceptable at any point of the year, it is just about what hue you choose.  This stunning, bright red can put itself on my nails any day.  It is sexy, beautiful and easily begs for Spring to come out in full effect.

Price: $25 Click Here to purchase





Illamasaqua Shattered Stars Nail Varnish, Glamore Collection, Trilliant -fit-journey


Illamasqua; Shattered Stars Nail Varnish, Glamore Collection,-Trilliant

This sexy color is just what you need.  Get out of this winter lull by shinning up your Spring and adding a little pizazz (yes, I used the word pizazz!) to it .

Price: $17, Click Here to purchase






Butter; Nail Lacquer – Fruit Machine

What screams Spring more than a beautiful bubble gum colored pink?  This Butter color is your perfect intro into the Spring season.  Go to the store or head to the salon and JUMP into Spring with this bright and bubbly color.


Price: $15 Click Here for purchase




Tom Ford;, Toasted Sugar

Tom Ford just does everything right, including this perfectly nude nail color.  This color scream class, beauty and the perfectly nude Spring time color.  You can easily get away with this color both in your professional life as well as your high heel strutting, gorgeous feeling night/event life.

Price: $32 Click Here to purchase





Marc Jacobs; Iridescent blackened green

I don’t know what it is about this color, but I think it may be the sexiest color out there.  If you are like me and generally like those dark, mysterious colors, then this is your perfect Spring time color.  A perfect intro to Spring, with a touch of Winter’s darkness.  I’m obsessed.

Price: $18 Click Here to purchase





Sonia Kashuk – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This color just makes me smile.  It is beautiful, calming and just so simply pleasant to look at.  It is the perfect Spring color without being overbearing.  Plus, a girl can only love something called Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Price: $4.79 Click Here to purchase




So, there you are.  RACE out and get your Spring on and don’t forget to show us pics of your most beautiful nails, tag us on Instagram or Facebook or Tweet them at us.  We want to see all your favorite Spring colors!




Wash Those Brushes

So, the answer that, I'm assuming, every makeup artist answers at least once every few weeks to a private client is - "YES! YOU DO HAVE TO WASH YOUR MAKE UP BRUSHES even though you're the only one using them".

Of course, it makes sense that we as makeup artists wash our brushes, but ladies - and select gents that I heart - your brushes need a good washing too.  Certainly not as often as a professional, but every 2-4 weeks would be a good start. 

You see, when you're using your brushes you, of course, are applying your makeup.  But, you are also having dirt, bacteria and dead skin being transfered to your brush from your skin.  ICK!  No fun. So, it is imperitive to give those beauitful brushes a good cleaning.

So, next question, what's the best way to wash your brushes?

It is quite easy but, oh no (!!!), it may take a few moments of your day.  Listen, it is way better than having your face break out because of bacteria in your brushes. #EGADS (remember in Betty & Veronica, Veronica's father always used to say "EGADS"!).


What you need:

- Baby shampoo -  I use Johnson & Johnson's but I am sure any will do.  Baby shampoo is gentle and really leaves brushes soft (make sure to check what material your brushes are made of and to be sure baby shampoo is OK for those brushes).

- A small bowl or cup to pour shampoo in

- Sink with warm water

- Towel to place brushes on when they are done being washed

Easy, right?


1) Dip your brush gently into the shampoo.  You really only need a little bit of soap on the brush.

2) Making sure you're holding your brush with the 'bristles' down. Wet the brush gently in the warm water.

*It is important that you do not get water into the ferrule of the brush (that is the metal piece that connects the brush handle to the bristles); if so, water can loosen that area and fall apart over time

3) Swirl the brush gently in your palm, working the soap through the brush. You will most likely see the makeup coming off on your hand.

4) Rinse the brush - again, bristles down - but make sure to only rinse the bristles and not the handle or ferrule of the brush. You can squuze the brush lightly to make sure that all of the product is out of the brush.

5) Squeeze any excess water from the brush

6) Reshape your brush

7) Lay them down on the towel and let them air dry

You do not want the brushes to dry upright, this will have water leaking into the brush which will weaken it.

Don't wash your brushes right before you need to use them.  They take time to dry.  Generally, I do it at night and let them dry till morning.


Happy washing



Julia Dalton-Brush



Laura Mercier Bonne Palette

Wow! I mean seriously. I have become an absolutely obsessed- sometimes to an unhealthy point- creme blush user. I truly feel like there is nothing better in the world than a sun kissed or lightly rosey cheek. Super natural, with a little glow. Well, this Laura Mercier Bonne Palette (full name Bonne Mine – Healthy Glow For Face & Cheeks Crème Colour Palette) does just that. With two glow veil colors, two cheek veil colors and one bronzer veil, this palette will turn your summer look from beautiful dewey to stunning and glowing in no time. Not only that, but the Laura Mercier has how to applications inserted in this stunning white palette.

The product is not too creamy and sits on your foundation flawlessly.  Personally, I like to use my fingertips to apply all creme blushes.  I think that 1) you have much more control and 2)when using a brush with powder or creme it is difficult because when dipping the brush, you tend to get the product placed in different areas of the brush or more product on one part and that does not help when trying to apply evenly.  Also, with fingers it helps assure that you will have a more even applciation since you know exactly how much product you are using each time.

The two glow veils are stunning brozey highlighters and if you put them just where the sun normally hits you it will give you the perfect sunkissed look. The two cheek colors add an amazing natural color when put over the bronzer on the apples of your cheeks.  Personally, I mix the two colors together, but you can do whatever suits you and makes you feel most beautiful.  The cheek veils are buildable, so start with only a little and build it up.

 Personally, I would say this is the PERFECT summer palette (hell, I might even use it in winter :D) giving you a stunning healthy beautiful look.

$48, Click here to purchase








Senna-tastic Mascara

Thankfully, I get sent a lot of wonderful product to review. Sometimes the products make their way to the blog and, sometimes, not so much.

But, you can bet that whenever Senna Cosmetics sends me something, they are front and center.

Senna's new Voluptulash Volumizing Mascara nearly brings a tear to my eye... but only nearly because I don't want ANYTHING to change this magical formula. Being a complete mascara freak, it is so important that my lashes look long, full and NOT clumpy. Well, this product's phenomenal helix shaped brush has incredible mega pigment matched with intense and beautiful separation that makes my lashes look exactly how I want them.

I feel sexy and beautiful wearing this mascara and I think that is exactly what mascara is supposed to do.

$22 Click here to purchase